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Another day in the dungeon, struck with a bludgeon
Suicide in my mind I don't know if i'm budging
The powers that be are running operations
My identity stripped, they basically erased it
They force me to live in this Monastic cave
Where they feed me scraps and treat me like a slave
Way past the cradle, heading to the grave
Beheadin naysayers the saints ain't afraid
Running civilization, Perry Mason interregations
Petrified of the occupation
Now a revolution is my revelation
Retribution leads to resignation
I'ma break out the gate, overthrow ya regime
Supernatural shit I'm the supreme being
Ressurrected n breathing after taking a beating

Here comes another one
I ain't dead so I ain't done
It ain't over till the coroner comes
I'ma restore the order, war has begun

Here comes another one
I'ma fight till the morning sun
It ain't over till i've conquered and won
Slaughter the status quo, i'm a son of a gun

Muthafucka Now you making me mad
I ain't puttin up the white flag just cuz im trapped
And no I ain't scared that you strapped, fuck that
I'm Mr Plan B, my checkmate is in tact
I'm a class act, always down for a chat
But you callin the shots, now is that how u act?
Diplomatic my ass, you forgot that I'm Habs
Come at me again and i'll cut you in half
Expel a bloodpool, fuck a bath you rat
You will feel my wrath untill ya handicapped
I'm Hypersonic, its a demonic attack
Jedi mind power so Habbits strikes back
I was a PO-Dub, now I got my life back
So I seek my revenge, then get on the right path

I'm Being Supreme, spittin forbidden sixteens
Hit u from the back like I see you thru split screens
Spew 32 like i'm doin'a Blitzkrieg
Then drop 48 so irate yet pristine
I'm just another step away towards victory
Got my armor swords, kill the infantry!
The feeling of freedom is a sweet symphony
The will to survive, despite so much misery
The monastic hell will take years to swell
So I gather up my peers at the Citadel
We hijack a tank to behead the captains
We head towards the cave, oppositions collapsin'
Free at last, free to retaliate
I got the last laugh as the saints evaporate
in potassium acetate.
They ass was fake.


from We Are All Gods, released February 24, 2016




Bad Habbits New York, New York

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