We Are All Gods

by Bad Habbits

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released February 24, 2016

Executive Producers: Emmo Ogun for Cajo!/ThundaGround and Sam Da Grouch for One Room Productions.

All tracks Produced by Sam Da Grouch except "The End/Ten Steps" Produced by Mantis and "Trinity Three" Produced by Megadon.




Bad Habbits New York, New York

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Track Name: The Day After
Bomb blast and the ash radiates
Citizens the victims of corrupted states
The East verses The West, Right against the Left
Russia and America playin polical chess
History on repeat, it's a cyclical mess
Policies of Politicians causing physical stress
Nuclear Arms Race, Everybody About Face!
But wait! We're still in the "figure it out" stage
And I can't lie I feel your outrage
And the fate of the United States it now waits
It's a race against time in the crimson sky
The winds throw caution as I'm mystified
Direct silo hit, dead bodies multiply
Nuclear Genocide, feels like the end of time
How long can I survive til I get meningitis
Half life a lifetime and my body can't fight this.

Missle launched, all systems go
Terror strikes on this side of the globe

The ugly side of man is shown
The side we suppress till our engines blow



World Negotiations fallin through the cracks
All the implications of a nuke attack
Breakdown in communication and we fail to adapt
To think long term plan, there ain't no going back
Once that button is pushed, it's a mushroom cloud
It's a grim outlook, that's how shit goes down
When we're handed a weapon with these capabilities
Power Trips lead to people living in facilities
We don't know which threats are empty
You don't trust your enemy with nuclear energy
And now the weapons launched, just a matter of time
Until the bomb goes off and what's left of mankind
Now relies on limited supplies and is dying
Decay lingers in the air, death toll rising
Evaporating flesh, what the human eye sees
The chances of survival is highly unlikely.

Missle Launch all systems go
Terror strikes on this side of the globe

The ugly side of man is shown
The side we suppress till our engines blow



The day after, a depressing chapter
Trying to pick up the pieces after disaster
The air is filled with radioactive decay
The scattered matter pollutes the damn planet away
I see the remains of the place I lived
Rest in peace the casualties my wife and kids
And now it doesn't matter the life I hid
Every passing hour there's no more I can give
History in the making, what a waste, man
Unleashing the weapon leads to Barren Wastelands
Humanity threatened, now look at this place, man!
A whole generation eradicated and erased and
I don't think I can make it, the fate i'm facin
The aftermath of the path that the elected have taken
This is how we're devoured, by the activation
The correlation of power and a Fascist Nation.
Track Name: Blitzkrieg
Another day in the dungeon, struck with a bludgeon
Suicide in my mind I don't know if i'm budging
The powers that be are running operations
My identity stripped, they basically erased it
They force me to live in this Monastic cave
Where they feed me scraps and treat me like a slave
Way past the cradle, heading to the grave
Beheadin naysayers the saints ain't afraid
Running civilization, Perry Mason interregations
Petrified of the occupation
Now a revolution is my revelation
Retribution leads to resignation
I'ma break out the gate, overthrow ya regime
Supernatural shit I'm the supreme being
Ressurrected n breathing after taking a beating

Here comes another one
I ain't dead so I ain't done
It ain't over till the coroner comes
I'ma restore the order, war has begun

Here comes another one
I'ma fight till the morning sun
It ain't over till i've conquered and won
Slaughter the status quo, i'm a son of a gun

Muthafucka Now you making me mad
I ain't puttin up the white flag just cuz im trapped
And no I ain't scared that you strapped, fuck that
I'm Mr Plan B, my checkmate is in tact
I'm a class act, always down for a chat
But you callin the shots, now is that how u act?
Diplomatic my ass, you forgot that I'm Habs
Come at me again and i'll cut you in half
Expel a bloodpool, fuck a bath you rat
You will feel my wrath untill ya handicapped
I'm Hypersonic, its a demonic attack
Jedi mind power so Habbits strikes back
I was a PO-Dub, now I got my life back
So I seek my revenge, then get on the right path

I'm Being Supreme, spittin forbidden sixteens
Hit u from the back like I see you thru split screens
Spew 32 like i'm doin'a Blitzkrieg
Then drop 48 so irate yet pristine
I'm just another step away towards victory
Got my armor swords, kill the infantry!
The feeling of freedom is a sweet symphony
The will to survive, despite so much misery
The monastic hell will take years to swell
So I gather up my peers at the Citadel
We hijack a tank to behead the captains
We head towards the cave, oppositions collapsin'
Free at last, free to retaliate
I got the last laugh as the saints evaporate
in potassium acetate.
They ass was fake.
Track Name: We Are All Gods
Everybody say "Mind Body Body"
Everybody say "Mind Body Body"
Everybody say "Mind Body Body"

I have no discipline or self control
Nobody knows the fuckin hell I know
It's all in your head and you can't relate
Ya too consumed with all the shit on your plate
But listen for a minute and stop to Judge
And you will see that We Are All Gods
Despite our flaws, we are forces of nature
And our thoughts are the cause of behavior
There ain't no lord, you are your own savior
Give ya mom a kiss, she is your creator
And don't ever let your past escape ya
It creates your present state, it formulates ya
At the same time, look at ground and sky
Ask yourself how, what time, and why
Growth can't stop or else you won't survive
So let go of that stuff that you hold inside

Your heart's racing
Body Shaking
Calm your nerves now

No need to worry
We Are All Gods baby
What that means is
We all hold the compass
To our own destiny.

Sometimes I lose focus of the goal
Paralyzed thoughts they be takin a toll
And I get so fuckin annoyed
Cuz you toyin around with that fuckin android
And you ain't even makin a call
You on social media bein a troll
Guess my presence can't keep your attention
I tell it like it is so don't get defensive
I said i'm relentless, you not learning no lessons
When you glued to ya phone you don't live in the present
You don't see life for what it really is
You're a robotic cog cuz the system is rigged
All our decisions brought to you by the bigs
Samsung and Apple control how we live
I won't let technology strip me of my senses
The inner god in me keeps me independent.

Don't let corporations control and manipulate you
Dont be a sheep and Godliness will persevere.
Overcome your fear. Don't get consumed by the material world.
Follow these instructions and you're on your way...HEY!!!!!

Everybody say "Mind Body Body"
Everybody say "Mind Body Body"
Everybody say "Mind Body Body"

I can't even think cohesively
Tap into my psyche to bring out the beast in me
There are times when u just cant reason with me
But when I get that way, we feel it equally
Things need to change, but how do you ignite it?
Close ya eyes, breathe deep, go inside and fight it
The grudges we keep leave us blindsided
Obscures our sight from the life we're striving
We are gods surviving but our time is arriving
Absorb ya surroundings, the forces are striking
And life don't always go to my liking
But it helps me grow, overcoming whats frightening
And when nothing else feels exciting
I start writing, release the beast, the grease lightning
And I become God..the title I reclaim
It's vital I stay sharp with the cycles in my brain
Too many fuckin people been dying in vain
My dream almost did, but i'm tryin to gain
There can never be love without pain
You're blessed with what remains so don't fuckin complain

Track Name: Pain Is Violence
Robotic rappers just a buncha conformists
I'm Bad Habbits, on some above the norm shit
So absorb it, I will start to torment
I'm George Foreman, while he's building his fortune
All you clowns ain't ready for battle scars
Because nowadays, spitters tend to sing their bars
Rappin bout pills, that some mad played out shit
If you ever on stage ya ass should get ousted
And might I ask why such a tight outfit?
Lookin more pretty than the bitches on Houston
Played out coke flows, Opposite of No-Doz
Plus you get no hoes, dress like a homo
Oh no! I shouldn't have said it
But we in the ring G and i'm hittin jabs get ya head split
Keep it domestic, get you cardiac arrested
Rip out your intestines, get u care that's intensive.

Pain is violence..
(If you wanna fuck with me I will drop you immediately)
Pain is violence...
(If you wanna keep it raw i'ma give you what you looking for)
Pain is violence...
(Wanna go toe to toe i'm ready for combat yo)
Pain is violence...
(Ya whole style is wack as hell and unoriginal)

You the type of dude that pays for your views
Are you paying your dues? You look dazed and confused
I'm a straight sadist finding ways to abuse
I'm keepin em honest I keep laying the truth
I got a side that strives to terrorize
I see that you're scared as you stare into my eyes
I'm on some stright night shift light lit vibes
I might spike ya drink with cyanide with iodine
And I apologize if you're not feeling fine
The game so saturated gotta cut it down to size
I like to write rhymes without a compromise
But you cater to the masses and like to dramatize
Your flows fake as plastic it will get you ostrasized
Wack gangsta raps u don't live that type of life
You don't push Frank White, your persona's a lie
When the Pain is Violence, I'm a whole nother guy.
Track Name: Mic Hassle (Game Needs Me) feat Emmo Ogun
Ain't no stoppin this when i'm rockin shit
I speak politics, we reach the apocolypse
Attract opposites, detach your esophagus
You such a bitch that you take acidophilus
I'm Bruce Wayne, I reign the metropolis
But I stay under the mask like Anonymous
You ain't sayin shit so take some throat lozenges
It is what it is and I think that i'm onto this
You can't silence my views and philosophies
You can't quiet the truth and the honesty
It will leak and all will be revealed
So you see from the jump we all should keep it real
I body the beat, leave you bloody on front street
Paramedic picks you up, and the doc gives you one week
I'm half war half peace, a real rap athlete
Comin at ya at max speed, fuck you and ya wack beats!!!

I'm the bad guy in those sci fi action flicks
A sado masochist, speak in secret languages
I rap with the passion of a pro black activist
When I rock the crowd, I tear down the establishment
And I really don't mean to be arrogant
But i'm the baddest there is and the biz I take care of it
And that weak shit just don't fit the narrative
Rappers don't realize they just an embarrassment
I'm like the Hulk, I'm a real American
There ain't no comparison u dont know where Baron's been
You don't know all the shit that I dealt with
But We Are All Gods and you ain't goin to hell, kid
And life can't always be smooth like velvet
And every other day ya gotta prove yaself and
There's a lot of wack fucks so you gotta stand out
I don't follow the crowd there ain't no frontin allowed

Hot bars I kill it, on par with the illest
Try n act villianous, ya get put on the kill list
It takes an Army to overtake a village
If We Are All Gods are We All Sacreligious?
I got the whole squad and we back in business
I'm GOD bitch you better ask forgiveness!
I go HARD bitch I'm like Hollis in Christmas
The King from the Land and you act as the Witness.
Track Name: The End/Ten Steps
The mental trenches, resentful lenses
Life is just lines of fragmented sentences
Abstract, undefined and tentative
So I gotta get by with my relentlessness
Gotta rise since our time is indefinite
We act like toughguys but inside we delicate
I'm all about growth and human development
We came from forms of cells and elements
Only time will tell if we propel and excel
I'd pray but some would say i'm an infidel
So instead i'll take action and end it well
Do all on my end to extend myself
My time on this earth, the masterplan
I don't fold no matter how bad it ends
Hopefully we can both agree
That just as easily we could be dust n debris

(Tan solo como el fin)
This is the end!
(Tan solo como el fin)
This is the order!
(Tan solo sample, etc)
That's how it is, my friend

It's the fire and water

This is the end

This the brick and mortar

That's life, my friend

Let me run it again.

The gates we place to misplace our pain
Save face and shame, we dont wanna explain
Our vulnerabilities, the fear instilled in me
But every day I attain to gain agility
Refrain from being a slave to what I crave
Mind over matter is what it equates
So we learn from our past and gain the ability
To block out the BS and reach our epitome
And when I be stressed I preach for tranquility
But I feel blessed to reach stability
Balance is a product of perfect symmetry
The MC and the crowd form a synergy
A break from life's tumbles and inconsistencies
But fuck the fat lady she ain't singin to me
Like Havoc and Prodigy I go down in infamy
And honestly I commit delinquencies lyrically

Life is what you make it, you hear it all the time
But too much talk of a sign of the divine
That type of thought pattern needs to be declined
We are chemicals and matter and have our own mind
What we do with our time, that's up to us
You can patronize, or speak out on unjust
Either way it feels like it's just too much
Almost like I just stopped giving a fuck
I just wanna gain perspective and widsom
Refrain from bein caught in propoganda prisms
I'm the truth seeker, believer, the skeptic
I tell the jokes that you don't get the reference
But by the end of the day, you gotta pay reverence
Our time is indefinite, striving for excellence
I wanna set the precedence 4 intelligence
Knowledge is power, they both got their benefits.

We take 10 steps forward
and another 10 back
We're doing so great and then we collapse
At the end of the day all we have
Is ourselves to blame
For why our world's a drag

Ya might end up in a body bag
Or be ordered by the court to resort to rehab
Or get beaten and stabbed, Ya benefits maxed
That means your insurance wont pick up the tab
Oh Snap! Life's just a pain in the ass
Wakin up every morning is a daunting task
That's why we resort to the bud and the flask
If ya livin with ya moms better hide ya stash
And I don't wanna come off as a wise ass
But some people live slow while others die fast
Fuck all who typecasts thinkin I'm white trash
Rhymes so phat I need a gastic bypass
You a kidney stone, I know you might pass
Gotta stay gold so your creative light lasts
And I don't write raps so I can make nice cash
The love is in my blood, and we on the right path.
Track Name: Rain Vibes feat Ayanna
I'm haunted by my past and I have a hard
time just letting go
Sometimes the way we react is the one thing
that makes us vulnerable

Rain vibes, vain lives
It's a rugged terrain but I maintain my stride
I'm insecure, got some things to hide
Trapped in a box I can't think inside
Have a drink and swallow ya pride
I wish I had chance to still make it right
Every way I wake up and she crosses my head
I regret all the terrible shit that I said
I know it came and went but the past still eats me
The spirit I had starts to leave me
I try to stay calm and suffer discretely
But inside I wanna control alt delete me
Somehow I still make it out the house
Get to work late, blame it on my route
Go through the motions, publicly pout
But suddenly i'm startin to figure it out

I'm haunted by my past and I have a hard
time just letting go
Sometimes the way we react is the one thing
that makes us vulnerable

Every day I strive for self improvement
Get my Reebok on and Just Do It
Every day I get by with the music
Get high to the Blueprint, Alive to the Movement
I still got a long road to go
But I grow with the seeds that are left to sow
And I still play a day time role
Get some bread at the office, u know how it go
And then the time comes to punch it out
Head to the weedspot, get a good amount
Back to the crib, sip coffee and blaze
Because that's my way of numbing the pain
And I know one day I gotta change my ways
Ain't a kid no more, can't play it safe
So take my hand, let's make a great escape
Reinvent ourselves so we don't stagnate.

I'm haunted by my past and I have a hard
time just letting go
Sometimes the way we react is the one thing
that makes us vulnerable

I'm haunted by my past and the scars
I have, they all show
Sometimes the way we react is the one thing
that distracts our growth.
Track Name: So Far
Innocence, every day it fades
I'd like to take it back to the 8th grade
Life wasn't great, always got picked on
But my house was a home with my Dad and Mom
I would envision how growing up would be
Finishing school head to University
My parents wanted me to get a business degree
But I set my sights on being an bitchin Emcee
Now let's fast forward to age 33
I'm doing okay but filled with uncertainty
Thought I met my ride or die chick
Man oh man did I fuck that up quick
I was restricted by my addictions
Consuming mad drugs made me submissive
Lost a lot of friends, got black listed
That sense of Innocence, man do I miss it.

(All my troubles seemed so far away)
When I was Afraid
(All my troubles seemed so far away)
Back in those days
(All my troubles seemed so far away)
The foundation was laid

I just wanna have a heart to heart
I just wanna get back to the start
When I was young, I'd rap over cassettes
I didn't have a strong source of stress
But the older I get, the more get off my chest
LETS GO WHERE ONLY WE KNOW no need to be depressed
Truthfully with me it's not all about sex
We're defined by our minds, not how we give head
I'd rather connect instead
Spark some lah in bed, then the legs can spread
Real talk I want something deeper
Cuz i'm still unfulfilled and i'm a non-believer
And i'd romanticize, but those times have passed
When I was a child, I thought that love could last
Thought love was a movie with a starring cast
I think about that corny stuff and just laugh.

(All my troubles seemed so far away)

I don't really like to dwell on the past
But I do it anyway, I been to hell and back
Seen all sides of life, light and dark contrasts
We all live a lie in spite of our bombast
I just seek to change my mentality
But stay focused on the current reality
Wanna be blessed, give love and receive
When ya livin in a world where nothing is free
And love and compassion is all we need
It's a chain reaction, subtraction of greed
It's that feeling you felt when you were in your teens
The limitations of language you see in your dreams
And I just wanna stop for a minute
Absorb the world around me and everything in it
Time is infinite, but I want it to freeze
My troubles seemed so far away indeed
Track Name: Donut Lessons
Change, a concept we gotta embrace
Cuz ya can't live ya life just stayin in 1 place
The years go by and you gain your grace
Otherwise you dry up and dissipate
Fortune and fame is what we seek to chase
Over acclaim, cuz the assets await
But wait? Is that really why each day we awake?
Just to get cake while spittin in one's face?
One day we should become who we strive to be
Change is a gift not a liability
The only thing on earth that evolves consistently
Love in the universe, energy uplifting me
Like water it washes up my misery
Protects from threats within my vicinity
And I know not all have reached their epitome
But it's all one road that leads to infinity.

Truthfully i'm not the man I used to be
Had a plan but it came off delusional usually
My worldview looked so beautifully
Call it young naivety, but it usually suited me
But gradually comes external interference
You focus on facade and a false appearance
Try to people please, ya just become peerless
Wish the 20 something me could just hear this
Ya dream and ambitions, replaced with repitition
And now you find yourself in a strange position
And transition, but don't be locked in your prison
Live your life with a mission for your own enrichment
Don't stop the sea of change, we can just go swimmin
We can't change our age, but what we gain is wisdom
And I ain't a young man, but I ain't old either
I just wanna be in the moment with the spirit and teacher.

Everyone you come across that stays and leaves
The choices you make and what one believes
I wake up every morning and my soul it bleeds
I feel so alone in a world of thieves
When I was growing up I was so deceived
Authority tellin me how my life should be
so righteously, they were never that nice to me
And privately I know their lives were no sight to see
But fuck it, ya gotta move on
Ya can't worry about every nuance
Get a grasp of yourself and embrace the change
Suppress ya hate, let your spirit come of age
Free yourself of the chains that make you enraged
And know to never know how its gonna go the next day
Year go by then the decades
We fly through the sky for every passing stage.
Track Name: Brooklyn Knights (That's Kush) feat Emmo Ogun
I'm so outlandish
I give what I got respect I demand it
I'm empty handed
But I get paid next week so I think i'll manage
I wanna run this planet
It's like Bad Habbits is TransAtlantic
Transcend language, the world understands it
Break outta ya shell, you the only one dancin
Gettin love at the club and you know that's kush
Flirtin with shorty cuz she givin u looks
Next thing you know you got her singin ya hooks
Take her home in the zone and you beatin the bush

Dip off with the homies and roll one
Keep the wheels in constant motion
Head back to the club, buzzed we on one
Keep gettin love like number 9 potion

Me and the homies comin out the box,
Me and the homies comin out the box,
Thundaground we about to rock
Thundaground got this shit on lock

My flow's corrosive
I swim to the shore you sink in the ocean
Like a locomotive
A speeding bullet, I pull it, set off some explosives
You be like "oh shit"
Can't fuck with Habbits so glad you noticed
Ya tracks is bogus
I spit the truth, i'm cold like the solstice
Daps for ya raps you know that's kush
I don't say "that's dope" cuz it ain't a good look
Cuz dope's a narcotic, yo that shit is toxic
While Kush is that shit that make me wanna spark it

Me and the homies coming out the box
Me and the homies comin out the box, yeah
Me and the homies we about to rock
Me and the homies got this shit on lock

Wanna get a bitch open
Get her drunk on ciroc all groanin and moanin
She late for work, make her phone in
We both human, baby it's a primitive notion

I see the light
I'm in the dark
Brooklyn Knights
The Night Is Ours

See ya shakin ya thing, I say whuddup Mami?
This the flavor I bring to ya hot body
Bare your flesh baby, keep actin naughty
I'ma bring the action to the afterparty

Me and the homies coming out the box
Me and the homies comin out the box, yeah
Me and the homies we about to rock
Me and the homies got this shit on lock

Whether drunk or sober
You hand me the mic I'm bound to take over
I ain't no cassanova
But I don't know no limit i'm the ultimate soldier
My flow bites like a cobra
Frightens like a gun comin outta the holster
And i'm nicer than all a ya
We got the king back, u know we gonna be ballin ya
Yo one time i'ma make an exception
And use dope so I can do my lethal injection
I kick it for the people in all cities and sections
Puff some kush baby, u don't need to be stressin
Get nice and stoned, I wanna feel your flesh n'
Then start undressin, this part is just heaven!

And you know that's kush...
Track Name: The Trinity Three feat Octane and Megadon (Bonus Track)
It's B-Hizzities and I'm reppin the C's
My style is Primo, you know my steez
The equal to Deniro on the silver screen
And if you try to kill my dream,
You get the guillotine

We shine as a collective, collapse when we seperate
My flow nintendo, got the seal of excellence
Cleve's the Land I love but Jerz is my residence
You wack ass herbs don't insult my intelligence

Me, Octane, and Megadon, the lyrical lexicon
The trinity three, combined into the blessed one
Feel the spirit when you put the record on
You'll be uplifted from the dark to the mecca sun

You heard a sample of ill shit to come
Got my cats by my side competition is none
You can't even cook the crack we creating
This rap's shit's our life, it's our occupation
Track Name: Smiel Mainly (Bonus Track)
Time stops for no one
I'm a hiphop shogun,
Slowing the erosion
My flow is potent
Derivative shit, I outlast it ten-folded
Ridin slow like crack in the component
Your wack, and your lack of swag shows it
Stomp cats like roaches
Comes natural but yo I stay so focused
Smokin blunts in the open
But I don't fuck with coke so i know i'll never blow it
On wax or at shows and shit
The mic is attacked with my showmanship
You can pull a drag if you so insist
Had a long day? Keep hittin that spliff
Take a few shots, get good and loosen up
Now you feel the buzz so turn my music up

Just call my name and i'll be right there
Call my name and i'll be right there, yeah

On the mic aint nobody gets spared
I ain't here for no clearing no god damn air

Call my name and i'll be right there
Only just a matter of when, how, and where

Let's make this perfectly clear
On the mic It's like I shake the stratosphere

I'ma keep talkin shit, cuz I can back it up
Top notch lyricist, and i'm bad as fuck
Last year I hit the streets with that Acid 'Flux
So I spit to mo heat, u ain't had enough
Got the spirit of a scavanger
Add to that the touch of the fabric of lavender
Get ready for the massacre
Fuck with me, meet your fate like spaceship challenger
Face it, i'm spectacular
Kill a backback rapper, gangsta, or battler
I destroy rappers with immaculate venacular
I'm piloting this plane you only a passenger
And Pac's dead, so you asshole I'm mad at ya
U dont give me no respect, fuckin amateur
I'm the Dangerfield of this rap shit
I'ma keep it real, i'ma pop you like plastic

Call my name and I'm there in a heartbeat
Lames get scared as I jump out the carseat
Hit the stage with rage, hit hard like concrete
Spit to a bomb beat, hos say "drinks is on me"
No Wu affiliate but i'll Kill a whole Army
Cap the Don of ya clique, i'm the rap Charles Barkley
Ain't won the 'Chip, ain't the life of the party
I'm just sittin in the back sippin 'yac puffin marley
I care what you think? dude, fuckin hardly
You deny i'm McFly? then go suck it, Marty
And kiss my ass wit ya hovercraft
Cop checkin the bag, I tell him its parsley
I use it and abuse it to get all artsy fartsy
Lookin at me funny like i'm full of malarky
But don't be no dummy i will start some anarchy
Stomp you like a Beetle, word to McCartney
It'll be a century before I'm jumpin the shark, B
My rhymin is raw, my delivery snarky
Call me J-23, cuz you know u can't guard me.