Acid Reflux

by Bad Habbits

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released September 22, 2012




Bad Habbits New York, New York

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Track Name: Arm and Hammer
Emotional feedback, my soul is detached
Infect like a virus, you need some Z Pack
In a game of minors, I act as a G flat
Addin fuel to the fire, yes I see that
And cats still sleep despite my technique
But the irony is i'm the one countin sheep
You maggots wont listen until I catch a buzz
I'm a stay in ya system like a stack of drugs
Snort up the dope, now you out of it, Cuz
I'm the great hope, and i'm whiter than puss
I'ma start a revolution, a movement of love
Here comes the execution of the gangstas and thugs
Fuck phony rappers with they wack dialect
Throw ya album in the crapper, whatever hit eject
Better hope for your sake our paths don't intersect
Ya ass is fake, you dont have half my intellect

This ain't mafioso or gangsta shit
This is straight hiphop, can you handle it?
Preconceived notions, i'll dismantle it
This is forward motion, read the manuscript
I'm takin my skills to a new plateau
Better rhymes, better beats, better flow, already know
Haters gonna hate, but I won't deliberate
Rap Master, while detrators disinigrate
It takes the truly great to truly innovate
You rap for cheap thrills, as your skills indicate
It's like blue and red, which pill you gonna take?
One will leave you dead, the other will liberate
Time to switch gears, let your fears dissipate
After all these years, I have a clear mental state
My flow is funky, I put my peers to shame
For those who interrupt me, you gon' be in this game.

Ya ass is sweeter than Common's foes
I dispose but don't disclose cuz on my toes
I'm raw, muthafucka you a monotone
You probably only rap when ya mom not home
I'm the rap Van Gogh you just a monochrome
I ain't Yay and Jay but I get my Monster on
Shit is kinda rough when you on ya own
But i'm about to blow it up like atomic drones
This is combat rock, so duck when the shell hits
Throw the fuck up like you just had shellfish
Puffin on green like the Jets and the Celtics
I don't roll with a team, I guess that i'm selfish
I shoot laser beams, right through ya pelvis
Blaze that skunk, you a punk like The Melvins
For those that fuck me you gone need to explain
And if you interrupt me you gone be in this game
Track Name: Song For The City
It's liquidation time
So wack mc's better run and hide
Fuckin with me is homi-suicide
Wanna get crucified by the bombs I utilize
You decide, don't forget to fall back
I'm movin forward bridging the gap
It ain't bout if I got skills n' shit
It's about how brutal I be killin it
Resistance is futile i'm milk n top billin it
Feel my skill, and the thrill I instill in it
You still with it? Double D Double B Double digits
See Hizzities poppin up like widgets
Shit, ass, fuckface, explicit lyrics!
Looks like ya signal got some interference
How'd the hell they let me thru clearance?
Fatal oversight they fucked cuz i'm fearless!
In the heat of the night, you make ya disappearance
Yell to your adherents but nobody hears it.

Yo Brooklyn, what up what up
Q Borough you know I stay thorough!
Boogie Down respect the crown
Yo Staten, time for some action
Big Apple ya feel me flowin?
This is hiphop, this is emotion
Song for the city, but coast 2 coastin
Listen up, and let that shit soak in

I'm a tense motherfucka
But when I rap, i'm intense muthafucka
I make sense, motherfucka
Even if you don't get it, just pretend muthafucka
Over ya head like clouds of darkness
How ya like me now? I'm obscene and heartless
May be low on dough, starving artist
But try n test me, i'll discard ya carcuss
Toss you in the sea, arms tied I'M ON THIS!
Bust up ya teeth, see a Periodontist
And blogger apathy don't phase me, no
And I've been feelin so strange lately yo
Still come up with bars that are sensational
I'm that vital part that's irreplaceable
Rip out your heart n stay untraceable
My advesaries, they makin a mistake ya know
I got that swagger, i'm the rap Mick Jagger
Ever rhyme I recite ain't a line it's a dagger.

Yo Brooklyn, what up what up
Q Borough you know I stay thorough!
Boogie Down respect the crown
Yo Staten, time for some action
Big Apple ya feel me flowin?
This is hiphop, this is emotion
Song for the city, but coast 2 coastin
Listen up, and let that shit soak in

Hold tight you know I rhyme right
Cue the bagpipes! U rap like asswipe
I'ma eat at your body like flies
Dopeness in disguise, now's the time to uprise!
But no diss to the lyrically hopeless
Throw you in the ocean, you'll be meat for the locusts
Yo, Let's go to Holland and write a Magnum Opus
Hit up the coffeeshops, get good while we smokin
It's good to make music which is thought provokin
Then stick it to the man till they asshole's swollen
My heart is frozen, yours is decomposin
Erodin, turnin to an atrocious explosion
Hizzities is back and i'm better than ever
So ya better Reverend Run cuz I'm tougher than leather
All you lame muthafuckas better get it together
And stay out my lane or you'll regret it forever
So simple n plain, while i'm stellar and clever
Take ya rhymebook mayne, throw that shit in the shredder.
Track Name: Eyes Of A Child
Sittin on the train thoughts pass me by
I start to dig deeper and analyze
Wondering what's the point sometimes
Livin check to check, do you consider that fine?
Wanna make a change but i'm too damn passive
Rather smoke grass than get off my ass n
Redundant rhythm of the daily norm
Kills your ambition, you can't take no more
Ya feel like your swag needs to be restored
But you need that touch so you can seek reward
And still there are times when the weather is colder
Cuz I know ain't no one looking over my shoulder
And this god damn world is crushing my bones
And I think about wanting to go back home
But as I roam these streets my spirit stays strong
A whole days thoughts you hear it in this song

How did we ever lose our innocence?
The eyes of a child, it was so different
How do you live with so much indifference?
We just want to be loved. We just want to be loved.

Forced to make tough decisions
And you hope your vision goes into fruition
Just want somebody to listen
You're sick of the pitchin, the bitchin, the system
You can blame others for ya own misery
Or stand on ya own and rewrite history
I was dealt a bad hand, but I don't want sympathy
Just the chance to roam free, but most of that's on me
Creators of our own destiny
Yes I hope they remember me by the turn of the century
I wanna to leave a legacy
But words are absurd unless you act on your energy
We have unhealthy tendencies
It's a fucked up world where we have no empathy
Money rules us endlessly
In the end it just made us our own worst enemy.

How did we ever lose our innocence?
The eyes of a child, it was so different
How do you live with so much indifference?
We just want to be loved. We just want to be loved.

To everyboy out there strugglin
I feel ya fumes when they all think u buggin
It ain't all or nothin
These are trying times, try to understand somethin
You can walk in my shoes, you can't wear my hat
Nobody knows where nobodies head is truly at
But unity and love, that's where it's truly at
And hopefully we can get our innocence back.
Track Name: Technology
B Hizzities right back at ya
Still fidgety, still spectacular
So prepare for your assassination
Of all your so called aspirations
I look like a tool so you think i'm a joke
Fuck buyin a drink, think I'd rather provoke
I'll crash your bar, get ya license revoked
Leave a battlescar, I guess we misspoke
You must have thought I took it up the ass
You must have thought that I fold like that
You didn't know I got the gift of gab
While you got less swag than a nascar dad
Rhyme rapist, i'm here and contagious
Masochist on the mic, i'm a lyrical sadist
Doin it right, spit a verse for the ages
You an ejaculation ya daddy just wasted

Sick of being laughed at and pushed around
No walk in the park it's the rough side of town
It don't really matter how you get down
It's how you get up that defines the sound
The rhymes that I kick, yes they will astound
I mighta gotten hit, fuck it OFF THE GROUND!

But slow down, I gotta be honest
I demand respect after showing my promise
I drop a gem that lights up upon us
Interconnect, bomb rappers like Hamas
Interject, ya pride I intercept
I bob and weave, yeah ya best believe
But you crush my skull and make me bleed
I fall to my feet, I feel faint and weak
At this point I think i'm down and out
6,7,8 I'm hearin the count
"Hey chump what ya gonna do now?
Get lifted by the angel to the cloud?"
What can I do but get my shit together
Grab my dirk, and your head I dissever
I ain't stayin down, back with a vendetta
Gonna knock em all out with this hiphop endeavor

Sick of being laughed at.....

Hey everybody I got back up
I'm mad and I don't give a vitriolic fuck!
Went to Sandman, tried to say whuddup
He looked at me like "yo is this guy on drugs?"
I'm bad at intros and worse at goodbyes
Ya like ya asshole astronomically wide?
It's a sonic divide, rep O-H with pride
Fuck havin a drink, just vaporize!
My style's like formaldehyde
Carcinogenic, just like the legends intended
New York now my home and I will represent it
I-O on the low, dont forget where I descended
I'm a never surrender, I may be a contender
But you barely get a hit till I fuckin dispense ya
I ain't stayin down, i'm indestructible
Upper cut till ya barely functional!!!

Sick of being laughed at.....
Track Name: Forces
Try to drive me to the brink
Dont tell me what to do who to screw what to think
Media controls but I go my own way
Mechanical and cold and no it ain't ok

Life is no Circus Soley
What is the purpose if you livin it only
For capital gain inane satisfaction
The magical lane where you gain some traction
You like to refrain from knowing the facts, man
Live in a fantasy, you lack direction
Just a puppet with a disposible budget
Who's style is shaped by what's hot in public
Ya tastes came straight out the magazine
And the ads that you see on the TV screen
It's like big brother and you so submissive
Lookin for somebody else to make your decisions
You drop the true you just to conform
Me I prefer to stray against the norm
I'm reppin the real every time I perform
Killa beez i'm the swarm in the eye of the storm.

This is ya one and only
Chance at this life, so get past the goalie
He's standin right there, so you gotta outsmart him
Fake a move then take him to school, kindergarden
Look at this shit we startin
Mechanical music is calculated garbage
But too much of the time the shit gets pardoned
While nobody bumpin the hardest artist
I gotta be the one to give em a voice
Abortin' wack rap so call me pro-choice
Don't believe in a god but theres something beyond
The heart and the mind and their unbreakable bond
Be humble in ya search, look past the superficial
These lyrical missles have my initials
Here's the audio you can envision the visuals
You can dig it if you with it or a little bit cynical

Sometimes I feel so lonely
I feel like i'm drifting and moving too slowly
My head's detached, it's like a disconnect
So I get on the mic and give all I got left
I'm out of the loop and in my own zone
Rappers these days are just corporate clones
External forces they will not shape me
Mass media could never mold and create me
Society always attempts to dictate me
Detractors, they always look to deflate me
Only Logic and The Proof educate me
Science, beauty and truth animates me
I stand out like the man in the star
And get back on track like i'm handling the car
I admit that all this shit is kinda bizarre
So i'ma flip the script never come sub par
Track Name: Soldier
News machines, views extreme
Fox, Rupert Murdoch and his scheme
All this propaganda, gotta be an agenda
But the real villians never surrender
They bitch while they get all these fuckin tax breaks
Nevermind that they pay the lowest tax rates
Overexagerate and spew their rhetoric
Still got the values of the confederates
Shit givin me a headache i need some excederen
Can't get nothing done with a room full of elephants
American Dream we all striving for excellence
But weren't trust funded with absent intelligence
No silver spoons conceived in June
No family business to fall back to
Livin like shit, just tryin ta make it
Occupation overdue but they makin a statement.

Money and Power, it holds us down
Now how we gonna turn it around?
With the policies in place right now
Honestly what can they say right now?

Too many years the system abused
Too many lies form fractured views
Not enough time before we all screwed
Somehow we gotta make it all through

No clarity, economic disparity
It's scarin me how they say arrogantly
Talking points on the brink of parody
When we all just want to be treated fuckin fairly
Not everyone has a supportive family
That helps during times of financial tragedy
State of the country is a pure travesty
Think the economy can be cured magically?
Why they get a free pass for being fortunate?
Pay your fuckin share we sick of you hoggin it
In fact ya whole office needs to be audited
Your tactics exposed to show that you fradulent
Instead of lockin up drug users and dealers
You need to throw in all these ponzi schemers
Can't let these fuckin banks just do what they please
Fuck ya wack debit fees, you dead to me.

Congress supportin all these special interests
Meanwhile they step on the people like insects
Committin fiscal rape, fuck that more like incest
All to protect their stock market index
A generation gotta pay for the cost of war
Don't even matter what we won or lost it for
CEOs is eatin lobster as a hors-de-vour
While laid off labor is cryin in the corridor
Fox spreads lies, maniacs eat it up
The state of the nation severely beaten up
Money and power, greed and deception
With nothing in mind but the future election
Privilege for the rich while we get penalized
And when we speak our mind we become demonized
The whole fuckin system needs to be revised
Reducing restriction should never be prescribed.
Track Name: Primal ft Octane
I'm a spitter, born and raised
Been rappin since the golden age
Still u muthafucks resist to give praise
I'd take over ya city if I had my ways
But it's a bitch just to get recognized
So it's time to start wreckin lives
On my Wu, killa beez, now u need insecticide
I do with ease, like sunday morning sunrise
But this is a game for young guys
Aging rapper wasted years had me tongue tied
And these god damn blogs ain't showin no love
So I gotta stay fresh, I am Death From Above
Prey I don't snap cuz I fuckin had enough
Tense every day cuz this fuckin life sucks
I'm on my OJ, I ain't talkin white trucks
You know what they say if you ain't fit the right gloves
I dont even care I wanna self destruct
Gotta live in a world wit the corporate corrupt
Where we struggle to survive even with our 9 to 5
And dreams fade away cuz we start to lose our stride
And nobody wanna end up on the losing side
But it's brutal out here, NY is do or die
But when ya bills are high and ya life is ass
You might need a minute just to get detached

I'm goin Primal, I'm outta my cage
It's goin viral, the world's my stage
I'm on my grind tear up this damn place
One of a kind, the damage is man made

Things are fucked up right now
Fuck it i'm about to erupt right now
It's cool I ain't gettin no luv right now
I'm Death From Above and U nuttin but garbage

I like the thought of not having a home
To roam round the allys like a vagabond
Nothing is permanent and set in stone
When you ain't got obligation, and ya on ya own
Guess this type of life is frowned upon
So you can do the 9-5 until the cows come home
Fuck this lifestyle, and fuck this life and yours
You make hit after hit and it gets ignored
While kids with wack skills got they shit in stores
Gettin magazine writeups and building rapport
I might be sounding like a salty white guy
But if you was me you would be feeling likewise
So I switched my mode to anything goes
Meaning I don't give a fuck who's the first to die slow
You thought I was nice, nah I'm versatile, bro
When I'm ready to blow, it hurts like a mofo
And it's really up to you if it's personal
No matter what you spew, I stand vertical
But if all you do is hate what's ya purpose, yo?
You got some issues under the surface, bro?
Who the fuck knows who'll go and who's staying
You can sell snow whenever it starts raining
Most of u are critics while the music is playing
You don't want me ta spit lyrics I will do some upstaging

I'm goin Primal, I'm outta my cage
On my Shakespeare, the world's my stage
I'm on my grind tear up this damn place
One of a kind, the damage is man made

Things are fucked up right now
Fuck it i'm about to erupt right now
Don't matter if I ain't gettin no luv right now
I'm Death From Above and U nuttin but garbage
Track Name: Guts
I'm so wreckless, my soul's decrepit
I'm on a roll running from slow detectives
Like i'm posessed givin direct objectives
To inject your flesh with venomous infections
Kidnap your corpse break it into sections
Select what parts look best for dissection
Gettin so hype I nearly got an erection
The thought of the knife ignites your ephinephrine
Time is runnin out for second guessin
Now's the process, soon will be the procession
Days go by before I come into question
I stay hot and high like a hellish felon

I tried to change my life, BUT I KEEP ON FUCKING IT UP!
I tried to make it right, BUT I'M ALWAYS STUCK IN A RUT!
Don't move or I swear I'll shoot! LET IT END UP IN HANDCUFFS!
And if you try something sly, YOU'LL GET IT IN YA GUTS!

Can't contain my inner monster
Outta his cage and off his rocker
I will disengage go on a rampage
Hemophiliacs don't get no band aid
Serial haze, this ain't no damn phase
The pain resonates as it culminates
I fight to relax, synapses activate
But rage kills calm as the bomb detonates
Bloody body parts all over the place
Smell the dead flesh its been there for 3 days
With my mental state it's safe to extrapolate
I'm a cannibalistic sadistic basket case
Drinkin waste, I think it's acid based
Bite the flesh off ya face then I masticate
Spit out ya brains onto plastic plates
Wash my hands, take a nap and masteurbate.

I got the urge to blow up a stadium
Watch your body rot, worms crawlin out your cranium
Fuck me, I got a heart of titanium
I once thought "Gee I should become a Canadian"
But regardless of representation
To sleep on Hizzities is an abomination
A hot commodity nah fuck it i'm blazin
I'm a problem, b, you don't know the equation
Jeckyl n Hyde style , i'm still a wild child
Got some soul swag but i'm vile and hostile
Racin to escape and this ain't no timed trial
I killed, raped, and ate so my fate is compiled
To life in jail so I gotta run the mile
Rebel in style, go through hell with a smile
Gimme my space I got a mental disorder
This ain't my place, i'll be around the corner.
Track Name: Survival ft Thousand Pound Sumo
Beltin blows, here to melt my foes
I burn everlasting, distracting ya role
Hit and run impact, stay on my nutsack
I'ma shatter your self esteem
With just this one track
That's how I attack
My shit sticks like a thumbtack
Spit conscious shit u think I ain't done that?
I may be a slight bit unorthodox
But that don't mean that I don't know how to rock
That i'm hard as a rock, I cannot crumble
Every time God tried, he started to fumble
This is a mean ass world
Dissipated jungle
But I made it and i'm humble
But you can't eliminate the struggle
But minimize, conceptualize
And dont fuckin cross me, I will be your demise
In these trying times it's time to step up ya game
But don't step to me, i'm death in disguise, you LAMES!
I got the power of a hurricane
With the fire of ten thousand flames burning all across the USA
And I don't give a fuck what none of u say
I know i'm the shit, I know what it takes
To make some fuckin hits, I use my intuition
Burn u jackholes with nitroglycerin
U can suck my asshole, I hope you're listening
I ain't Karl Malone, but I'm always deliverin

Survival.....On this mean ass street
Survival.....Muthafuckas came to compete
Survival.....Out here in NYC
Don't you know what it means to me?

Survival.....On this rugged ass track
Survival.....Who the fuck got my back?
Survival.....Ingenuity always in tact
You don't wanna see Sumo and Habbits react!
Track Name: Countdown
I see yall still sleepin like pillows
U will be weepin once I spit out the ill flows
I'm on some Legendary Stupid Super Villian Hero shit
You on some Gay Focker past his prime Robert Deniro shit
So Illuminati i'm at the top of the pyramid
Beam me up Scotty cuz this mission is serious
Dont mean to sound snotty but I keep it mysterious
It's a cold cold world so call me Siberius
I'ma conquer get it right alright I see the light when the mic is mine
Sometimes I'm nice n slow but on the low I shine when I rap in double time
Make happen a reaction to the bosses who have crossed the line
Your forces are exhausted I done lost my mind but all is fine
I'm on my grind, whatever that means
And I spit the type of rhymes that kill your self esteem
I guess that may be a little selfish of me
To let everybody know you so delicate, G
Watch ya back if you dont wanna get a Discectomy
Cuz wack mc's they ain't in my trajectory
I'm a bulldog bitches what is your pedigree?
Give you 50 stitches and laugh with levity
Nobody is competition that I see from a distance
I can ride the flow or go with intrinsic linguistics
Either way you look at it my approach is malignant
Like murdering the track when I get on this wax for instance
My instincts they defy the laws of physics
I got my flaws but nah i'm still one of the illest
Let me hit that kushy kush and i'm ready to kill this
I got a twig you got a bush so let's get down to business
Can I call you Misses or Miss or Mistress?
But truth is I don't give a fuck about bitches
I'm a product of nature with a slight mental sickness
So I deal with life by gettin at the mic so vicious
Got wings like Red Bull, you drown in a death pool
You must be a rasta cuz ya shit is so dreadful
Put the petal to the metal u not on my level
About to get high, the pot's callin the kettle
It's a badd habbit but shit is so stressful
All this pressure to be semi successful
This world is enough to make you go mental
But i'm a strong muthafucka, you so soft you menstral
I'm ready for Prime Time, 9/8 Central
This is my time, my presense is essential.
The Countdown.
Track Name: On The Shelf ft D-Tel
Just when you think its over
Then comes another twist
Now you get the cold shoulder
It feels like shit, wish ya didn't exist
Now hold up partna just stay strong
Keep being you and nobody else
Evolve with the times and prove em wrong
Otherwise you may as well put that shit on the shelf.

Left field, track five
At this point I ask why am I alive?
Survival's a task and time passes you by
Seems unlimited but it's only sky high
Shit is unpredictable
I fear my actions have become too visceral
Lost my rational, is it time to get physical?
We all get sick of apathy and ridicule
But i'ma try to stay classy
They cant bring me down, that shit just passes me
I start to flush it out automatically
Ya skin gets thicker, you grow some anatomy
Throughout the years we all need some tweaks
The cycle of life, with these valleys and peaks
But you can try to equally see my POV
And maybe you'll remember what you first seen in me.

Just when you think......

Now I sit all alone
Consumed in thought, consumed in bein stoned
It's the only way I can deal
I tried to go without, I was ready to kill
Anyone who crossed me, I sound sucked in
U a mess when u need a certain drug to function
But yet it releases a wild endorphin
That keeps me morphin into the dopest wordsmith
Guess it's a blessing and a curse
And I guess that it could be worse
At least I ain't a fiend on crack or meth
But I ain't Mr. Clean, and i'm still a wreck
Not 2 proud 2 admit that I have my faults
As close to losin it as Japan to faults
But keep ya composure, do it for Darwin
Fuck closure, start survivng stop starvin!

Just when you think......
Track Name: Be Peace
It's like the feelin just hit ya
Lookin out the window a scenic picture
And perspective is really all we know
But today the colors are startin to glow
I feel the warmth in a strangers smile
Flat broke but still swingin in style
Not afraid about things to come
I take in all of the rays of the sun
Adapting a bohemian mindstate
Not overreacting and being all irate
Cuz when you peace your whole vibe gyrates
Volatile views make you see life sideways
And as the smooth breeze blows against me
All of a sudden I don't feel so empty
Part of this planet, I live, think, and breathe
Love is organic, it's in the wind and trees

I wish that I could just fly away
To distant lands and different ways
Travel to the perfect place
Unravel all our earthly states.

Now my mojo's back
The world's an evolving photograph
And each time you re-examine
You find nuances you never imagined
Where we will be in 5 years
Is part circumstance and part shifting gears
Too much time on automatic
Made some bad decisions but my vision ain't shattered
Back against the wall but no need to panic
Limitations are small, aspirations gigantic
Need to spread a message of peace
Too many casualties, too many deceased

We separate ourselves for all the wrong reasons
Heaven and hell and celebrating the seasons
While we wage wars, commitin murder and treason
Think you really preachin the teachings of Jesus?
You dig so deep in the scriptures
Start to be mean to your brothers and sisters
Bigotry turns to a shout from a whisper
What one calls love you call a bunch of sinners
All this time you were taught not to judge
We were stuck in our ways, now enough is enough
Acceptance is peace, peace is progression
Peace, our strongest weapon when it reaches succession.

I wish that I could just fly away....