We Are All Gods

from by Bad Habbits

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Everybody say "Mind Body Body"
Everybody say "Mind Body Body"
Everybody say "Mind Body Body"

I have no discipline or self control
Nobody knows the fuckin hell I know
It's all in your head and you can't relate
Ya too consumed with all the shit on your plate
But listen for a minute and stop to Judge
And you will see that We Are All Gods
Despite our flaws, we are forces of nature
And our thoughts are the cause of behavior
There ain't no lord, you are your own savior
Give ya mom a kiss, she is your creator
And don't ever let your past escape ya
It creates your present state, it formulates ya
At the same time, look at ground and sky
Ask yourself how, what time, and why
Growth can't stop or else you won't survive
So let go of that stuff that you hold inside

Your heart's racing
Body Shaking
Calm your nerves now

No need to worry
We Are All Gods baby
What that means is
We all hold the compass
To our own destiny.

Sometimes I lose focus of the goal
Paralyzed thoughts they be takin a toll
And I get so fuckin annoyed
Cuz you toyin around with that fuckin android
And you ain't even makin a call
You on social media bein a troll
Guess my presence can't keep your attention
I tell it like it is so don't get defensive
I said i'm relentless, you not learning no lessons
When you glued to ya phone you don't live in the present
You don't see life for what it really is
You're a robotic cog cuz the system is rigged
All our decisions brought to you by the bigs
Samsung and Apple control how we live
I won't let technology strip me of my senses
The inner god in me keeps me independent.

Don't let corporations control and manipulate you
Dont be a sheep and Godliness will persevere.
Overcome your fear. Don't get consumed by the material world.
Follow these instructions and you're on your way...HEY!!!!!

Everybody say "Mind Body Body"
Everybody say "Mind Body Body"
Everybody say "Mind Body Body"

I can't even think cohesively
Tap into my psyche to bring out the beast in me
There are times when u just cant reason with me
But when I get that way, we feel it equally
Things need to change, but how do you ignite it?
Close ya eyes, breathe deep, go inside and fight it
The grudges we keep leave us blindsided
Obscures our sight from the life we're striving
We are gods surviving but our time is arriving
Absorb ya surroundings, the forces are striking
And life don't always go to my liking
But it helps me grow, overcoming whats frightening
And when nothing else feels exciting
I start writing, release the beast, the grease lightning
And I become God..the title I reclaim
It's vital I stay sharp with the cycles in my brain
Too many fuckin people been dying in vain
My dream almost did, but i'm tryin to gain
There can never be love without pain
You're blessed with what remains so don't fuckin complain



from We Are All Gods, released February 24, 2016




Bad Habbits New York, New York

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