The End​/​Ten Steps

from by Bad Habbits

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The mental trenches, resentful lenses
Life is just lines of fragmented sentences
Abstract, undefined and tentative
So I gotta get by with my relentlessness
Gotta rise since our time is indefinite
We act like toughguys but inside we delicate
I'm all about growth and human development
We came from forms of cells and elements
Only time will tell if we propel and excel
I'd pray but some would say i'm an infidel
So instead i'll take action and end it well
Do all on my end to extend myself
My time on this earth, the masterplan
I don't fold no matter how bad it ends
Hopefully we can both agree
That just as easily we could be dust n debris

(Tan solo como el fin)
This is the end!
(Tan solo como el fin)
This is the order!
(Tan solo sample, etc)
That's how it is, my friend

It's the fire and water

This is the end

This the brick and mortar

That's life, my friend

Let me run it again.

The gates we place to misplace our pain
Save face and shame, we dont wanna explain
Our vulnerabilities, the fear instilled in me
But every day I attain to gain agility
Refrain from being a slave to what I crave
Mind over matter is what it equates
So we learn from our past and gain the ability
To block out the BS and reach our epitome
And when I be stressed I preach for tranquility
But I feel blessed to reach stability
Balance is a product of perfect symmetry
The MC and the crowd form a synergy
A break from life's tumbles and inconsistencies
But fuck the fat lady she ain't singin to me
Like Havoc and Prodigy I go down in infamy
And honestly I commit delinquencies lyrically

Life is what you make it, you hear it all the time
But too much talk of a sign of the divine
That type of thought pattern needs to be declined
We are chemicals and matter and have our own mind
What we do with our time, that's up to us
You can patronize, or speak out on unjust
Either way it feels like it's just too much
Almost like I just stopped giving a fuck
I just wanna gain perspective and widsom
Refrain from bein caught in propoganda prisms
I'm the truth seeker, believer, the skeptic
I tell the jokes that you don't get the reference
But by the end of the day, you gotta pay reverence
Our time is indefinite, striving for excellence
I wanna set the precedence 4 intelligence
Knowledge is power, they both got their benefits.

We take 10 steps forward
and another 10 back
We're doing so great and then we collapse
At the end of the day all we have
Is ourselves to blame
For why our world's a drag

Ya might end up in a body bag
Or be ordered by the court to resort to rehab
Or get beaten and stabbed, Ya benefits maxed
That means your insurance wont pick up the tab
Oh Snap! Life's just a pain in the ass
Wakin up every morning is a daunting task
That's why we resort to the bud and the flask
If ya livin with ya moms better hide ya stash
And I don't wanna come off as a wise ass
But some people live slow while others die fast
Fuck all who typecasts thinkin I'm white trash
Rhymes so phat I need a gastic bypass
You a kidney stone, I know you might pass
Gotta stay gold so your creative light lasts
And I don't write raps so I can make nice cash
The love is in my blood, and we on the right path.


from We Are All Gods, released February 24, 2016




Bad Habbits New York, New York

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