So Far

from by Bad Habbits

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Innocence, every day it fades
I'd like to take it back to the 8th grade
Life wasn't great, always got picked on
But my house was a home with my Dad and Mom
I would envision how growing up would be
Finishing school head to University
My parents wanted me to get a business degree
But I set my sights on being an bitchin Emcee
Now let's fast forward to age 33
I'm doing okay but filled with uncertainty
Thought I met my ride or die chick
Man oh man did I fuck that up quick
I was restricted by my addictions
Consuming mad drugs made me submissive
Lost a lot of friends, got black listed
That sense of Innocence, man do I miss it.

(All my troubles seemed so far away)
When I was Afraid
(All my troubles seemed so far away)
Back in those days
(All my troubles seemed so far away)
The foundation was laid

I just wanna have a heart to heart
I just wanna get back to the start
When I was young, I'd rap over cassettes
I didn't have a strong source of stress
But the older I get, the more get off my chest
LETS GO WHERE ONLY WE KNOW no need to be depressed
Truthfully with me it's not all about sex
We're defined by our minds, not how we give head
I'd rather connect instead
Spark some lah in bed, then the legs can spread
Real talk I want something deeper
Cuz i'm still unfulfilled and i'm a non-believer
And i'd romanticize, but those times have passed
When I was a child, I thought that love could last
Thought love was a movie with a starring cast
I think about that corny stuff and just laugh.

(All my troubles seemed so far away)

I don't really like to dwell on the past
But I do it anyway, I been to hell and back
Seen all sides of life, light and dark contrasts
We all live a lie in spite of our bombast
I just seek to change my mentality
But stay focused on the current reality
Wanna be blessed, give love and receive
When ya livin in a world where nothing is free
And love and compassion is all we need
It's a chain reaction, subtraction of greed
It's that feeling you felt when you were in your teens
The limitations of language you see in your dreams
And I just wanna stop for a minute
Absorb the world around me and everything in it
Time is infinite, but I want it to freeze
My troubles seemed so far away indeed


from We Are All Gods, released February 24, 2016




Bad Habbits New York, New York

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