Smiel Mainly (Bonus Track)

from by Bad Habbits

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Time stops for no one
I'm a hiphop shogun,
Slowing the erosion
My flow is potent
Derivative shit, I outlast it ten-folded
Ridin slow like crack in the component
Your wack, and your lack of swag shows it
Stomp cats like roaches
Comes natural but yo I stay so focused
Smokin blunts in the open
But I don't fuck with coke so i know i'll never blow it
On wax or at shows and shit
The mic is attacked with my showmanship
You can pull a drag if you so insist
Had a long day? Keep hittin that spliff
Take a few shots, get good and loosen up
Now you feel the buzz so turn my music up

Just call my name and i'll be right there
Call my name and i'll be right there, yeah

On the mic aint nobody gets spared
I ain't here for no clearing no god damn air

Call my name and i'll be right there
Only just a matter of when, how, and where

Let's make this perfectly clear
On the mic It's like I shake the stratosphere

I'ma keep talkin shit, cuz I can back it up
Top notch lyricist, and i'm bad as fuck
Last year I hit the streets with that Acid 'Flux
So I spit to mo heat, u ain't had enough
Got the spirit of a scavanger
Add to that the touch of the fabric of lavender
Get ready for the massacre
Fuck with me, meet your fate like spaceship challenger
Face it, i'm spectacular
Kill a backback rapper, gangsta, or battler
I destroy rappers with immaculate venacular
I'm piloting this plane you only a passenger
And Pac's dead, so you asshole I'm mad at ya
U dont give me no respect, fuckin amateur
I'm the Dangerfield of this rap shit
I'ma keep it real, i'ma pop you like plastic

Call my name and I'm there in a heartbeat
Lames get scared as I jump out the carseat
Hit the stage with rage, hit hard like concrete
Spit to a bomb beat, hos say "drinks is on me"
No Wu affiliate but i'll Kill a whole Army
Cap the Don of ya clique, i'm the rap Charles Barkley
Ain't won the 'Chip, ain't the life of the party
I'm just sittin in the back sippin 'yac puffin marley
I care what you think? dude, fuckin hardly
You deny i'm McFly? then go suck it, Marty
And kiss my ass wit ya hovercraft
Cop checkin the bag, I tell him its parsley
I use it and abuse it to get all artsy fartsy
Lookin at me funny like i'm full of malarky
But don't be no dummy i will start some anarchy
Stomp you like a Beetle, word to McCartney
It'll be a century before I'm jumpin the shark, B
My rhymin is raw, my delivery snarky
Call me J-23, cuz you know u can't guard me.


from We Are All Gods, released February 24, 2016




Bad Habbits New York, New York

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