Pain Is Violence

from by Bad Habbits

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Robotic rappers just a buncha conformists
I'm Bad Habbits, on some above the norm shit
So absorb it, I will start to torment
I'm George Foreman, while he's building his fortune
All you clowns ain't ready for battle scars
Because nowadays, spitters tend to sing their bars
Rappin bout pills, that some mad played out shit
If you ever on stage ya ass should get ousted
And might I ask why such a tight outfit?
Lookin more pretty than the bitches on Houston
Played out coke flows, Opposite of No-Doz
Plus you get no hoes, dress like a homo
Oh no! I shouldn't have said it
But we in the ring G and i'm hittin jabs get ya head split
Keep it domestic, get you cardiac arrested
Rip out your intestines, get u care that's intensive.

Pain is violence..
(If you wanna fuck with me I will drop you immediately)
Pain is violence...
(If you wanna keep it raw i'ma give you what you looking for)
Pain is violence...
(Wanna go toe to toe i'm ready for combat yo)
Pain is violence...
(Ya whole style is wack as hell and unoriginal)

You the type of dude that pays for your views
Are you paying your dues? You look dazed and confused
I'm a straight sadist finding ways to abuse
I'm keepin em honest I keep laying the truth
I got a side that strives to terrorize
I see that you're scared as you stare into my eyes
I'm on some stright night shift light lit vibes
I might spike ya drink with cyanide with iodine
And I apologize if you're not feeling fine
The game so saturated gotta cut it down to size
I like to write rhymes without a compromise
But you cater to the masses and like to dramatize
Your flows fake as plastic it will get you ostrasized
Wack gangsta raps u don't live that type of life
You don't push Frank White, your persona's a lie
When the Pain is Violence, I'm a whole nother guy.


from We Are All Gods, released February 24, 2016




Bad Habbits New York, New York

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