Mic Hassle (Game Needs Me) feat Emmo Ogun

from by Bad Habbits

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Ain't no stoppin this when i'm rockin shit
I speak politics, we reach the apocolypse
Attract opposites, detach your esophagus
You such a bitch that you take acidophilus
I'm Bruce Wayne, I reign the metropolis
But I stay under the mask like Anonymous
You ain't sayin shit so take some throat lozenges
It is what it is and I think that i'm onto this
You can't silence my views and philosophies
You can't quiet the truth and the honesty
It will leak and all will be revealed
So you see from the jump we all should keep it real
I body the beat, leave you bloody on front street
Paramedic picks you up, and the doc gives you one week
I'm half war half peace, a real rap athlete
Comin at ya at max speed, fuck you and ya wack beats!!!

I'm the bad guy in those sci fi action flicks
A sado masochist, speak in secret languages
I rap with the passion of a pro black activist
When I rock the crowd, I tear down the establishment
And I really don't mean to be arrogant
But i'm the baddest there is and the biz I take care of it
And that weak shit just don't fit the narrative
Rappers don't realize they just an embarrassment
I'm like the Hulk, I'm a real American
There ain't no comparison u dont know where Baron's been
You don't know all the shit that I dealt with
But We Are All Gods and you ain't goin to hell, kid
And life can't always be smooth like velvet
And every other day ya gotta prove yaself and
There's a lot of wack fucks so you gotta stand out
I don't follow the crowd there ain't no frontin allowed

Hot bars I kill it, on par with the illest
Try n act villianous, ya get put on the kill list
It takes an Army to overtake a village
If We Are All Gods are We All Sacreligious?
I got the whole squad and we back in business
I'm GOD bitch you better ask forgiveness!
I go HARD bitch I'm like Hollis in Christmas
The King from the Land and you act as the Witness.


from We Are All Gods, released February 24, 2016




Bad Habbits New York, New York

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