Donut Lessons

from by Bad Habbits

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Change, a concept we gotta embrace
Cuz ya can't live ya life just stayin in 1 place
The years go by and you gain your grace
Otherwise you dry up and dissipate
Fortune and fame is what we seek to chase
Over acclaim, cuz the assets await
But wait? Is that really why each day we awake?
Just to get cake while spittin in one's face?
One day we should become who we strive to be
Change is a gift not a liability
The only thing on earth that evolves consistently
Love in the universe, energy uplifting me
Like water it washes up my misery
Protects from threats within my vicinity
And I know not all have reached their epitome
But it's all one road that leads to infinity.

Truthfully i'm not the man I used to be
Had a plan but it came off delusional usually
My worldview looked so beautifully
Call it young naivety, but it usually suited me
But gradually comes external interference
You focus on facade and a false appearance
Try to people please, ya just become peerless
Wish the 20 something me could just hear this
Ya dream and ambitions, replaced with repitition
And now you find yourself in a strange position
And transition, but don't be locked in your prison
Live your life with a mission for your own enrichment
Don't stop the sea of change, we can just go swimmin
We can't change our age, but what we gain is wisdom
And I ain't a young man, but I ain't old either
I just wanna be in the moment with the spirit and teacher.

Everyone you come across that stays and leaves
The choices you make and what one believes
I wake up every morning and my soul it bleeds
I feel so alone in a world of thieves
When I was growing up I was so deceived
Authority tellin me how my life should be
so righteously, they were never that nice to me
And privately I know their lives were no sight to see
But fuck it, ya gotta move on
Ya can't worry about every nuance
Get a grasp of yourself and embrace the change
Suppress ya hate, let your spirit come of age
Free yourself of the chains that make you enraged
And know to never know how its gonna go the next day
Year go by then the decades
We fly through the sky for every passing stage.


from We Are All Gods, released February 24, 2016




Bad Habbits New York, New York

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